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him greater as artist, fo●r artistic greatness has absolutely nothin▓g to do with party affiliations; neither does ▓it make him less, for his ar▓tistic achievements are not at all les●sened by his giving us sentiments as w▓ell as images.But if a humane, altruis▓tic, cultured man who finds joy i●n progress stands ethically higher than▓ the exclusive, narrow-minded reaction●ary or self-sufficient, surfeited decadent, then● Ryepin is worth more th

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an the idols of snobs▓.And not as[Pg 55] man only; he also● stands higher as artist, for h●e gives expression with at least the sam▓e mastery, and, in truth, with an in●comparably greater mastery, to th▓e ideals of a more noble, greater, and rich●er mind.The belief that participation i▓n the struggles and movements of th●e day affects the artist unfavorably ●is ridiculed by him; the contra●ry is true in his case.It has▓ given him an abundance o